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Therapeutic Music by Janalea Hoffman
Therapeutic Music by Janalea Hoffman
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Musical AcupunctureMusical Acupuncture
An innovative concept in music therapy developed by Janalea Hoffman. Experience how music can conduct and move energy in your body very similar to an acupuncture treatment without needles! Beautiful music composed at exactly 50 beats per minute. This music has proven to be particularly effective for chronic pain such as arthritis, back pain, headaches, as well as deep relaxation. Two versions available:

Musical Acupuncture all music
All natural instruments - cello, flute, harp, bells, violin, and alto recorder. 62 minutes.
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Musical Acupuncture with vocal guidance
Includes a short vocal experience of feeling sound balance energy in your body. 62 minutes.
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Pre-Surgery CDPre-Surgery CD

Research shows that guided imagery and music before, during and after a surgical procedure may result in positive benefits:
• Helps patients prepare physically and mentally for surgery
• Empowers patients in their own health care
• Lowers use of drug therapies
• Reduces hospital stays
This music was written at exactly 50 beats per minute by Janalea Hoffman to help slow body rhythms to decrease anxiety and pain.

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Both Pre-Surgery CDs have identical music, only the covers are different. Please choose the cover that you find the most comforting for your wellness (Tulips or Rose)


Therapeutic DrummingTherapeutic Drumming
Specially metered to reduce heart rate and blood pressure. Native American drum with Andean clay flute, alto recorder, flute, cello, and recorded wind sounds.
Track 1: Music gradually decreases from 80 to 50 beats per minute. Your body rhythms slow down as the music slows down. Track 2: 50 beats per minute. All music. 50 minutes.
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Deep DaydreamsDeep Daydreams

Janalea, inspired by nature's own soothing sounds of water in a gentle brook, wrote this metered music to balance body rhythms and for accelerated learning. Track 1: 60 beats per minute, Track 2: 50 beats per minute - takes you to an even deeper state of relaxation. 62 minutes.
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Musical MassageMusical Massage
Music that was written and performed with the idea of healing and nurturing. Janalea suggests that as you listen, think of your entire body feeling the vibration of the beautiful music as though it was a "musical" massage. Instruments used: piano, cello, flute, violin and viola. 62 minutes.
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Favorite HymnsFavorite Hymns

The newest CD by Janalea Hoffman and Rhythmic Medicine is the result of many requests from all over the country for a soothing, calming collection of familiar hymns. This CD features some of your favorites: In the Garden, Amazing Grace, God Will Take Care of You, What a Friend, and many others. Violin: Lukasz Lagun Kuzminski; Guitar: John Ricker; Native flute: Janalea Hoffman.
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Bathed in BaroqueBathed in Baroque

As a Music Therapist, I have found that many pieces of music from the Baroque Era are particularly relaxing. We have chosen music with slower rhythms (Adagio and Largo pieces) and beautiful melodies to help provide a soothing sound environment. Let this music transport you to a place inside that is serene and peaceful. Janalea Hoffman
Violinist: Lukasz Lagun-Kuzminski
Songs include: Air on a G String, Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod), Calm is the Night + many more.
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Musical Biofeedback IIMusical Biofeedback II

Music starting at 80 beats per minute and slowing to 50 beats per minute. You can feel your body synchronize to the slow steady rhythm. All natural instruments - all music.
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Music Imagery and Parkinson’sMusic Imagery and Parkinson’s

A specialized experience for people who have Parkinson's disease. Look beyond drugs to help manage symptoms of Parkinson's. Track 1: A Parkinsonian gives a short reflection on how music has helped him, then guided imagery for relaxation by Janalea Hoffman. Track 2: More exercises with specially metered music using techniques for tremor management. 45 minutes.
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Two Flutes Two FriendsTwo Flutes Two Friends

Original Native American style music by Janalea Hoffman and Evan Smalley composed with deep relaxation in mind. Instruments: Native Flute, Native and Ethnic Drums, Wind Harp, Harp, Guitar, Bamboo Flute, Chimes,
Cello, Environmental Sounds. 50 minutes.
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Accompaniment Two Flutes Two Friends
Rhythm tracks from the Two Flutes Two Friends CD only. You create your own melodies with your flute.
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The power of music is very remarkable in patients with neurological disabilities such as strokes, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease. One sees Parkinsonian patients unable to walk, but able to dance perfectly well, or patients almost unable to talk, who are able to sing perfectly well.
— Dr. Oliver Sacks, MD neurologist, author.

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