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Our Classes

The Rhythmic Medicine Studio offers a variety of educational programs. Classes and events include:

  • Circle Dance
  • Essential Oil Dinner and Workshop
  • Healing Concert - Mindfulness through Music
  • Healing Power of Music
  • Healing Power of Nature
  • Learn How to Play the Native American Flute
  • Music and Alzheimer’s
  • Musical Solutions
  • Small Group Personal Retreats and Events
  • Sounds of Comfort Certification Workshop
  • Therapeutic Uses of Music
  • Yoga


A sampling of Janalea's Hospital patient, care center patients, and private home visits:

Playing the native flute for patients with stage 4 liver cancer. “It was so beautiful when she played for me. After hearing this soothing sound, I want to get into the mindset of the flute! I couldn’t stop smiling when she played for me. Can’t get it out of my mind”

“When you walked through the door of my hospital room, I could not believe you were going to play beautiful music just for me! What a blessing and an honor! I have never heard music played with such passion — the violin and piano lifted my spirits and filled my heart with joy. Thank you for making such a positive difference in my hospital stay.”

"This was very soothing for all of us!  My Mother has had a lot of trouble talking and she was able to sing along with the flute!"  Patient's grand daughter age 9 said, "This is like a lullaby for adults."

"The music really helped me relax.  I enjoyed the musician's sweet spirit and excellent musical ability."

"The music helped me relax and lifted my spirits.  It helps you take your mind off your problems!"

"You did not poke me or cut me!  It was just pure pleasure.  Thanks for helping me relax and lifting my spirits through your music".

"This was great!  I especially loved the hymns.  I sang along in my mind and it was soothing."

"The music was a beautiful diversion from concerns about the surgery in progress and other concerns."

"The Music Therapy was a "ray of sunshine.  It put a smile on my face.  Thanks"

"My Mom and I loved the Music Therapy.  Our hearts were filled with joy.  This really uplifted our spirits--mind body and soul!  God Bless You!"

"What a lovely, talented lady!  I feel so fortunate that we met her and she truly brings peace with her music.  I believe that the music actually had  a positive effect on my brain waves and stimulated for connections of brain and body healing."

"Before the Music Therapist came in my room, I had been throwing up and extremely stressed.  Now after the music I feel hopeful and very peaceful."

"I know the Music Therapy was for me (patient) but it also helped my whole family!"

"The Music meant so much!  I felt God was with us.  It was so beautiful!  It helped me relaxed, lessened my pain and uplifted my spirits!"

"The fact that the music therapy session is live, gave me a sense of connection--something almost lost in the digital age.  So much better than a TV--usually tuned to a news channel blasting opinions and bad news!  Thanks so much for this beautiful experience!"

"The Native Flute was so soothing!   Loved it!"

"The Music Therapy made my day!   So soothing and life supporting!"