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Musical Solutions Workshop

Therapeutic Uses of Music
Choose from 1 1/2 hour - 3 hour - or all-day continuing education workshop

In this experiential workshop, you will learn specific techniques for using music therapeutically. Many people believe there is healing power in music but do not know how to direct this healing energy. In this workshop, you will learn techniques for exploring this. We will focus on Musical Biofeedback for matching body rhythms with musical rhythms which helps in lowering blood pressure and also in general reducing anxiety and giving the patient a sense of control over their own body. You experience Musical Acupuncture for pain control which uses very specific music for moving energy in the body to loosen and remove energy blocks. We will also learn how the brain responds to music and how music affects our immune system. Learn about the sound environment and how important it is for overall general well-being. You will also experience live Native American flute music and learn about its healing potential.

Sacred Geometry of Sound

A two-day continuing education workshop for nurses

Janalea Hoffman is a pioneer in the field of Music Therapy. She is a musician, author, speaker, and owner/founder of Rhythmic Medicine. After years of lecturing and research, Hoffman has determined that people intuitively know there is power in expressive therapies, but they do not know how to apply it therapeutically. This workshop focuses on practical applications of music used as a therapeutic tool by nurses in their work and in their personal lives. Hoffman has reviewed the latest research on the subject and begins her workshop with a PowerPoint presentation giving basic information and studies about using music for therapeutic purposes. The PowerPoint creates a visual to enhance this 2-day workshop lecture/experiential/discussion. During the workshop participants not only discuss methods of using music therapeutically, they actually have hands-on experience – for example, they learn to play a native flute, they experience a circle dance, they play the drum, and they experience a healing concert.

Learn How to Play the Native American Flute - Therapeutic Uses

2-hour class

The Native American Flute is a very inventive, simplistic, and often hypnotic sound. Because it is so easy to play – much easier than traditional Western instruments such as guitars, French Horns, clarinet, Pianos, and Silver Flutes – it lends itself easily as a meditative tool. Many people find it earthy and grounding. Others find it transporting and ethereal. The beautiful haunting sound is great for facilitating an inward experience. In this experiential workshop, you will learn the basics of the native scale and how to create native-style music from the heart. Everyone will have a flute to play with a plastic tube (for sanitary reasons). This class is facilitated by a Music Therapist and is very non-threatening. No prior musical training is needed! Many have taken this class who thought they have no musical talent and have left joyful at having discovered their inner musician!!

Learn how you can use this instrument as a therapeutic tool.

Call for pricing - varies on length and location.


READ: AN ARTICLE ABOUT JANALEA'S HEALING CONCERT by Lisa Gutierrez of the Kansas City Star

Comments from Healing Concert attendees:


"I wish I could bring everyone I know to this concert."

"This is the most meaningful musical experience I have ever had."

"This concert was equal to 2 days of an Esalen workshop." Judi C., Ph.D.

“I found the Healing Concert to be mentally and physically refreshing, emotionally and spiritually touching, and informative. It was inspiring to both our team members and members of our community who attended.”

Chaplain Erick Morales, one of our pool chaplains, gave me permission to forward the comments which he sent me after attending the concert with his wife. . . . "thank you so much for putting together such a beautiful concert for our staff and others. It was a blessing, we really enjoyed it very much, especially my wife. She describes it like medicine and therapy for her soul. She needed that relaxation time away from the busyness of life. We are grateful! . . . She felt Gods presence moving through the music. Wow! Let's do it again!" Debbie Lewis, Board Certified Chaplain, MDiv, MS Manager, Spiritual Care Department. Dr. P. Phillips Hospital, Orlando FL

"We loved your Healing Concert. I have never gravitated to the violin before. Now I listen to your CD all the time and love the violin. Also, your therapeutic CD's have made a difference in making some of our patients more peaceful."
Teri Belletto, Director of Volunteers Daytona Beach Hospice

From Advent Hospital, Shawnee Mission, KS
Program: Healing Concert for Cancer Patients:

The best we have ever had!

Awesome. Wow!

Very excellent Felt my body and energy move Best part of Blue Bird Cancer Camp


“The concert was very healing for everyone. It was a combination of Janalea Hoffman’s words, instructions and music. There were many tears of joy and healing.” June Caler- Chaplain at Advent Hospital

“This was the best response from any program we’ve had in seven years.” Kathy Pendleton- Director of Turning Point- Center for Hope and Healing