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Personal Note from Janalea about Musical Solutions

When I started my Private Practice in Music Therapy, very few people knew about Music Therapy. "I was into country before country was cool!" are the lyrics to a famous song. I have been introduced in prior workshops with this line, "Janalea was into Music Therapy, before Music Therapy was cool!"

When I studied Music Therapy, most jobs were in highly specialized institutions with special populations. I heard the following stereotype many times, "Oh, I know about Music Therapy. It is for children and the elderly!" This is so untrue, because it leaves out many people who also need music therapy!

MUSIC THERAPY IS FOR EVERYONE! My mission has been to create a Music Therapy private practice that focuses on using music as a wellness tool for all ages, especially adults who may not know that music can be an integral part of their wellness program. My passion has been to develop techniques that help with our health challenges. For example, Musical Biofeedback is a concept that I developed which teaches individuals how to match their body rhythms, such as heart rate and breathing rate to slow musical rhythms. This greatly increases body awareness which is ALWAYS important for health.

If we ignore our body's signals, we cannot catch things early. In Oriental medicine, it is important to pay close attention to what our body is telling us so we can eliminate potential body challenges before they become serious. Using music to help us be more aware of our bodies is one fun and effective way to do this. Also, by matching our body rhythms to musical rhythms, we are entering into a focused state of mind which is also helpful to our health.

As you go through our website, there are programs and products to help you find MUSICAL SOLUTIONS.

Wishing you all musical things--harmony, great melodies, joy, and peace,