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BioAcoustic Mat

The size of the BioAcoustic Mat is 28" x 73" x 3"
The weight: 29 lbs

Feel the pulses of he BioAcoustic Mat's Healing Energy.  
Vibro-Acoustic relaxation is not just for the brain. It also provides deep physical cellular stimulation to the skin, muscles, and joints.
Research has shown that relaxing music helps reduce stress.  However, with the BioAcoustic Mat, you not only hear the music but feel it as well.  Like a massage, the vibrations from the Mat calms the body and feels good.  Powerful low frequency speakers and transducers are used to help deliver a deep acoustic cellular massage. The lower frequencies are used to massage large muscles and the higher frequencies for smaller muscles.  These sounds affect brain activity to help contribute to a state of mental well-being.  Professors and researchers have collaborated to create beautiful soothing music which is designed to help you reach a calming sense of tranquility.  The music is composed and designed in a way to complement the frequencies emitted by the speakers.  The vibrations stimulate the nerves in the spine, brain stem, and limbic system that drives emotional response, and activates the auditory nerves that connect to your muscle tissue, and the low frequency bass causes the muscle tissue to be at ease.