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Pocket High Key of "A" Flute

Our wood Pocket Flute 'A' minor is easy to play instrument that provides creative fun for all ages.  This flute is hand finished with non-toxic oil, which gives its voice a bright, clear tone.

The Pocket Flute 'a' minor is 11-inches (28 cm) long, and easily fits into your pocket or a backpack. The Relative Diatonic Scale of “Bb” Major (B flat / A sharp) becomes musically available when playing all 6-holes on the flute.

This is a 6-hole flute that includes a leather tie that cover the third hole from the top, which helps to make it easy to learn to play.

This is the highest octave we make in our key of "A" and it is a good accompaniment for our Sparrowhawk" and the Contra Bass flute "A" flutes.

Pocket Flute instructions are only available online