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"As a Music Therapist, I have found that many pieces of music from the Baroque Era are particularly relaxing. We have chosen music with slower rhythms (Adagio and Largo pieces) and beautiful melodies to help provide a soothing sound environment. Let this music transport you to a place inside that is serene and peaceful."

Janalea Hoffman

1.  Air on a G String  J.S.Bach
2.  Calm as the Night  Carl Bohm
3.  Ave Maria (Meditation)  Bach-Gounod
4.  Minuet and Dance of the Blessed Spirits  Christoph von Gluck
5.  Sonata in d minor. Gottfried Finger
6.  Siciliano. J.S. Bach
7.  Sebben, Crudele. Antonio Caldara
8.  Virgin, Font of Love (Prayer)  F. Durante
9.  Sheep May Safely Graze. J.S. Bach
10. Adagio in g minor. J.S. Bach
11. Canon in D.  J. Pachelbel
12. Largo. G.F. Handel

Violinist - Lukasz Lagun-Kuzminski, award winning violinist
Pianist - Janalea Hoffman, Music Therapist
Cello - John Kelly