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Congratulations on the new life that grows inside you!

The connection between you and your baby is like no relationship on earth.  It's physical, and emotional.  Your baby depends on you to provide for all of his or her needs...including love and affection.

This music is designed to help you relax and focus on your baby.  Listen to Incredible Birth Day anytime you need to de-stress.  

The music was written at exactly 50 beats per minute to help slow body rhythms to decrease anxiety and pain.  

The script was written for you by midwives from newbirth company. 
Benefits of Incredible Birth Day CD - Christian version:
~Decrease psychological anxiety before, during and after birth
~Decrease length of labor
~Provide pain management techniques
~Experience bonding and deep love for your baby
~Help you experience the Peace of God
~Set to your favorite Christian hymns